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Photography By: Cass Fran Photography


Tree Hugger Containers is a planet-first packaging company for the cannabis industry offering recycled glass jars and other packaging solutions for hemp and cannabis brands. We partnered to grow their audience with a polished brand identity and fresh take on their content creation.


Tree Hugger Containers is a planet-first packaging company on a mission to advance industry standards for environmental stewardship. With competitors and substitutes blurring the line between greenwashing and true sustainability, Tree Hugger Containers needed a brand that would pack credibility and trust behind their truly eco-friendly packaging.

Action Plan

Beginning with a brand guidelines, we built a brand guide for Tree Hugger Containers focused on their values. We then set out to deploy the brand guide through social media and blog content driving increased traffic, leads, and sales for the brand's line of planet-first packaging. 


"It's great to work with a brand studio in the cannabis space who really understands our customers and their values. Social media can be daunting for brands in our industry, working with Baked Brands Studio ensures our content aligns with our sales targets and keeps us growing” 


- Bryan Gregori, CEO & Co-Founder, Tree Hugger Containers