Hope Through Healing Publications curates materials to guide people through life's most meaningful and challenging chapters. After 20 years of providing bereavement materials to hospices and hospitals,  we partnered to modernize their brand and create tools for converting new customers. 


After more than two decades providing healing materials for hospice facilities, hospitals, and care homes, Hope Through Healing was ready for a brand refresh.  In order to reach a new customer demographic, they needed to modernize their brand, collateral, and website. 

Action Plan

Beginning with their brand guide, we updated the look and feel of the brand style and messaging. We then deployed their updated brand through new collateral and a reconstructed website. With a refined brand and client pipeline, Leadpoint is growing their client base and pipeline in efforts to bring comfort to those facing grief and transition.


One of the great benefits of working with Baked Brands is your ability to gain clarity on next steps and driving the process to meet our established goals.  Many people tell you that they are going to finish something by a certain time, and you follow through on that. My overall feeling is that I can trust Baked Brand Studios to do what you say you are going to do and that the end product will be high quality.

- Lisa Huycke, CEO, Hope Through Healing Publications