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Strategy, branding, collateral development, website design, social media

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Together, we create a custom project scope based on your unique goals, needs, or challenges.

When you sign on as a Baked Brands client, I sit down with your team to learn your brand, its history, and your vision for the future. After conducting stakeholder interviews with your team, I get to work with any specialists needed for your project, branding, designing, writing, and creating whatever assets it takes to bake your brand to its next level. We review and iterate until the final deliverables are fully baked.

Like eating your cake & having it too. Baked Brands fractional brand & marketing services allow you to deploy the strategies & tactics you need without investing in the overhead, bandwidth, and activities you don't.


It's difficult to determine when the time's right to grow your investment in brand and marketing. It can be tricky to see when you should move from doing it all yourself to bringing in some experts. 

Clients who do the following benefit the most from their marketing partners: 

  1. Have a clear vision for your brand, share that vision clearly with your marketing team. If your vision changes, communicate that shift. 

  2. Have a clear picture of your ideal customer or be open to receiving a definition. 

  3. Be ready to experiment. If your marketing team has the space to test different ingredients in your branding, they'll have the creative freedom to truly differentiate your brand. 

  4. Put yourself in your customers' shoes. Your marketing team's #1 goal is making it as easy as possible for your customers to journey from awareness to purchase. 

  5. Communicate feedback clearly. I know it's hard to decide how much direction to give creatives. Clients who share their opinions and ideas while keeping an open mind end up with stronger deliverables. 

  6. Know your budget. If you can share your budget upfront, I'll be able to squeeze in as many services as possible within the range of what you can afford.