Bird Valley Organics is a regenerative hügelkultur farm nestled in the hills of Santa Cruz County, California. We partnered to bring a fresh vision to their full spectrum oil brand with a focus on inspiring consumers & competitors alike to live regeneratively. 


Bird Valley Organics is a regenerative hügelkultur farm on a mission to help people & our planet feel better with whole plant medicine. While their goals center around their farm and their full spectrum oil line, their brand focus has been on their work as a distributor for other farms in the community. Together, we built & are executing a brand strategy to grow in the direction of Bird Valley's mission.

Action Plan

Beginning with a brand guidelines, we reimagined the Bird Valley brand, mission, vision, values, and path to growth. We redesigned all assets including Instagram, graphics, imagery, messaging, website, sales materials, and more. Together, we executed the company's first brand event and are currently updating the Bird Valley Organics packaging.


"From developing our branding to conducting market research to implementing our content strategy, Baked Brands Studio has brought something fresh & beneficial to our company which yielded truly profitable results” 

- Terry Sardinas, CEO & Co-Founder, Bird Valley Organics