I hate it when half-baked
brand strategy keeps amazing, do-gooder businesses from growing


After working with ambitious startups for years, I founded Baked Brands Studio to be the brand & marketing partner I always wished I had. Baked Brands Studio was founded to be a trusted partner who could meet the fluid, broad, and fluctuating brand marketing needs of my clients.

When you are building your business, your model, your prototype, or your dreams every penny counts. You make choices. Basic vs. Premium plans. Effective vs. cost-efficient. Now vs. later. Do it yourself vs. hire someone who knows how to do it right. 

But the compromises you make when it comes to building your brand hurt you now & in the long-run. When it comes to telling the world who you are & why they should support you, you can't afford to choose not be strategic, to not put your best foot forward. You also can't afford to hire a team.

I founded Baked Brands Studio to give you access to the expertise you need before you're ready to invest in a team of your own so you don't compromise your growth. 

- Kaitlyn Fitzgerald, Founder

leave it better than you found it

The values that guide every BBS project and partnership with my clients and fellow freelancers


Protect Balance

We question the 'way things have always been done' to find opportunities to live better.


We set boundaries for our team & value the practices our freelancers follow to inspire their creativity.

Sometimes this means prioritizing our team over income because people matter more.


We believe happy people do better work.


Invest in Equity

As a business founded by a white woman, privilege played a role in our origin story. As a cannabis-adjacent brand, we recognize people remain in prison for the work we do every day, legally.

We believe in reparations for atrocities not just of the past but of the present. 


People & businesses have to invest in the things we need to exist. As we grow, so will our investments in creating an equitable future for Black Folx, Indigenous Communities, & People of Color.


Never Spin​

The marketing industry has used its powers for evil for generations. Today, marketers create beautiful ad campaigns that allow the most environmentally criminal brands get away with the damage they continue inflicting on our planet.

We don't represent brands who don't walk the walk of their sustainability marketing.


Our clients live by their values and in doing so make their communities better in ways both small and large.



Sometimes, organizations & brands doing valuable work need partners to help fill brand, communications, & marketing gaps. When these organizations intersect with our values & we have the bandwidth, we're proud to lend a hand. 


MendocinoCannabis.Shop is a farmer-direct delivery service supported by the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance, a volunteer-led industry association. By working with pro-bono partners, MendocinoCannabis.Shop is able to provide more than double the margin to farmers selling products on their platform, helping to protect the Emerald Triangle's legacy cannabis farmers. 

DearCannabis_LOGO_white_png (1).png
WAMM_Logo #1(all_white).png

WAMM Phytotherapies’ purpose is to provide hope, well-being and community by promoting access to plant based and alternative therapies. Backed by decades of experience in compassionate care and community support, WAMM Phytotherapies takes a wholly unique approach to making therapeutic-quality, regeneratively-grown cannabis products accessible and affordable to all. Headed by Valerie Leveroni Corral—a co-author of California’s groundbreaking Prop 215 (1996) and recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Emerald Cup—WAMM Phytotherapies is a fully compliant Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to sustaining and enriching those they serve and the planet we all share. Through their “pay-it-forward” philanthropic cannabis model, WAMM works with dispensaries to supply free or sliding scale cannabis to low-income patients with cancer, AIDs, MS, pediatric epilepsy and other life threatening conditions.